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The 10GBase-SR is one of the Ethernet specifications, the 10G SFP-SR optical module complies with this standard specification, and the SR in this light module model is short distance (Short Range), which means that it uses a transmission distance of up to 300m with multimode fiber. The “LR” in the 10GBase-LR refers to the “Long Range”, wavelength (1310nm) single-mode fiber (SMF), with a transmission distance of 10km. The SFP-10G-LR optical module conforms to this specification and has the characteristics of miniaturization, low power consumption and long transmission distance. The 10G SFP-LRM optical module complies with the 10GBase-LRM Ethernet specification, where the LRM refers to the Long Reach Multimode for length extension. The 10G SFP-LRM optical module can be used with OM1, OM2, OM3 multi-mode fiber, and is mainly used for FDDI network and 10G data communication, and its low power consumption and excellent EMI are fully compliant with THE MSA SFF-8431 standard. The 10G SFP-ER optical module complies with the 10GBase-ER Ethernet specification, where ER means ultra-long distance (Extended Range) and has a wavelength of 1550nm and a transmission distance of up to 40km when used with a single-mode fiber The 10G SFP-ZR optical module complies with the 10GBase-ZR Ethernet specification, but this specification is proprietary to Cisco. The ZR in the 10G SFP-ZR optical module model refers to the longest distance (Ze best range), which shows that this optical module has a very long transmission distance and can travel up to 80km when used with a single-mode fiber


BIDI optical module is a single fiber two-way optical module, this optical module has SFP and SFP plus two packaging methods, the main difference is that the rate of BIDI SFP plus optical module is 10G, BIDI SFP optical module rate is 100 megabits or gigabit.The main difference between the BIDI SFP 10G and the traditional dual-fiber bidirectional optical module is that the BIDI SFP 10G is equipped with a wave-splitting multiplex (WDM) coupler, or duplex, that combines and separates the data transmitted over a fiber according to the wavelength. In order to work efficiently, the BIDI SFP 10G must be paired to enable the two-way transmission of data by tuning the duplex to match the desired wavelength of the transmitter and receiver. The 10G SFP-CWDM optical module is a coarse-wave multiplexed optical module, usually used with single-mode fiber. The 10G SFP-DWDM optical module is a high-speed, high-capacity dense wave-divide multiplexed optical module, usually used with single-mode fiber, with a transmission distance of up to 80km, suitable for long-distance data transmission. The 10G SFP copper module is a type of photoelectric conversion module packaged as SFP plus, the interface type is RJ45, usually used with the super-six or seven types of network jumpers, the disadvantage of this optical module is that it does not support DOM function, and the transmission distance is 30m. Originally introduced by Cisco, the private 10-Gigabit Ethernet standard was not included in the physical layer protocol of the IEEE 802.3ae standard, but later became more and more players involved and it came  as MSA.


10G SFP DAC is a copper cable with SFP-plus connector design at both ends, which is less expensive than the 10G optical module, with more flexibility in wiring with 10G SFP-DAC, up to 10 m transmission distance, and less difficult to operate during actual construction, 10G SFP-DAC wiring to save connectivity equipment, without the need to use wiring racks. Servers and network devices can be connected directly to the TOR switch, which indirectly saves input costs. The rack server is capped by the rack switch, which is no more vertical than the cabinet, and can relate to 10G SFP-DAC. When the TOR switch is connected to the network switch, if the distance is greater than 15M, select multimode fiber optic and optical modules, usually using OM3/OM4 LC fiber jumper and 10G SFP-optical module. In other words, the 10G SFP-light module is more widely used in long-distance transmissions. Active fiber optic cable AOC breaks through the limitations of passive cable and plays an important role in high-speed data transmission. Active fiber optic cable, a Shorthand for Active Optical Fiber; it looks about the same as a copper cable, but in different modes of transmission and usage. Active fiber optic cables are mainly used in short-range multi-channel data communication applications. Active fiber optic cable AOC consists of multimode fiber optic, optical transceiver, control chip and parallel optical module. Optical transceivers at both ends of the active fiber optic cable AOC provide photoelectric conversion and optical transmission to improve the transmission speed and distance of the fiber optic cable without reducing compatibility with the standard electrical interface.

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With the increasing requirements for data center expansion and scalability, how to realize the smooth evolution of data center from 40G/100G to 400G becomes a problem, improving competitiveness becomes cabling and even facilities must achieve reliability, manageability and flexibility.

Fiber connectivity solutions enable data centers to meet current and future data transfer rates. Traditional 10G often use SFP and optical module, two-core LC interface interconnection, 40G Ethernet specification requires 8 core interconnection, 4 rounds 4, using 12-core fiber optic cable cabling solution, each channel has 4 dedicated transmission fiber and 4 dedicated receiving fiber, the middle 4 fibers remain idle. The 100G Ethernet common solution provides for the use of 24 fiber optics, divided into two 12-core arrays, one array dedicated to emission, the other array dedicated to receiving, 10 fibers in the middle of each array for transmission of traffic, and 2 fibers idle at both ends. In traditional serial transmission, data is transmitted through a pair of fiber optics, one fiber emission (Tx) one fiber receiving (Rx). The choice of transceivers is not critical at 1G and 10G transmission speeds, as all transceivers operate in the same way and at the same wavelength. The choice of transceivers became even more critical as the network speed gradually increased to 40/100G, and the choice of transceivers became even more critical, as some transceivers used two different wavelengths and some transceivers used four different wavelengths.

This makes them not compatible with the SR4 protocol approved by IEEE using parallel optical transmission. Parallel optical transmission Uses parallel optical interfaces to simultaneously transmit and accept data on multiple optical fibers and is typically used for medium- and short-range transmissions. For parallel optical transmission, the 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces have 4 x 10G channels and 4x25G channels, respectively, with 4 fibers per transmission direction. In other words, for 40G applications, the back end of the QSFP transceiver is connected to four 10G electrical signals, while four discrete 10G optical signals are transmitted and received from the front end of the transceiver via eight fibers.

This design allows a 40G transceiver to be used as both as a discrete 10G link and as a 40G link. In MPO-based cabling systems, upgrading from 1G to 10G, 40G, 100G or even 400G is very easy. Start with 10G, deploy an MPO backbone fiber optic cable between two 10G switches, and deploy a pre-end module or MPO panel to connect an LC jumper or MPO-to-LC branch jumper on one end of the switch.

When you need to upgrade the switch, simply replace the MPO/LC module box with the MPO adapter panel and connect the 40G/100G switch using the MPO jumper to complete the upgrade. Port branch deployment is driving the industry’s need for parallel optical transceivers. Today, 40/100G parallel optical transceivers are often used to decombine 40/100G parallel transceivers into four 10/25G links. Branch parallel optical ports are beneficial for many applications, including the creation of large-scale Spine-and-leaf networks and the implementation of high-density 10/25G networks. High density: The SFP plus switch board slab sits usually provides up to 48 ports, but now has 36 port QSFP switches, bringing the number of 144 10G ports for a single board; Today, many enterprise data centers still use 10Gbps transmission rates for cabling systems.

Although 100G/200G/400G technology and related products are booming, for some small and medium-sized enterprises, 10Gbps can meet the enterprise network transmission rate, but also to save costs for enterprises. Huihongfiber make the 10G SFP+, 25G SF28, 40G QSFP+, 100G QSFP28, AOC, DAC, transceivers, MPO/MTP cables, for your data center needs.

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Huihongfiber supplies fiber optic communication optical modules of reliable quality, good compatibility, and a wide range of. At present, the company to the market 10G optical module is widely used in The Internet data center room, Ethernet transmission, SDH, SONET, fiber optic cable / fiber into the home, WDM wave sub-system, 10G fiber optic communication optical module products support SFP, XFP, X2, XENPAK package. Products compatible with domestic and foreign mainstream fiber optic communication switch brands: Cisco, HP, H3C, Alcatel, BROCADE, JUNIPER, FOUNDRY, EXTREME, MARCONI, FINISAR, Huawei, ZTE, and so on. In addition, we have 25G SFP28, 40G QSFP and 100G QSFP28, BIDI, CWDM, DWDM, AOC, DAC and MTP/MPO cables, patch panels, cassettes.


Huihongfiber is indeed a good choice, the first is the price is really high cost-effective, in one is the performance of the optical module is also not lost, the industry’s reputation is also good, as far as my personal use of the situation, or a very trustworthy brand. Has been in Huihongfiber procurement of optical modules, because of trust, but also to ensure quality, product line rich, the supply of optical module compatibility and reasonable price, is the first choice to buy compatible optical modules.  Lau GJ, SWT pte Ltd, Singapore.

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